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WELCOME and Congratulation on your Engagement!

You have finally said, “Yes.” This is the start of your life as a couple and prior to that much-awaited big day, you, both the bride and groom have so many decisions to make and wedding-related tasks to complete.   Sometimes LIFE may surprise you with LOVE then COMMITMENT in the middle of what is considered ordinary but also gives you the magical.  

Preparing for your wedding day need not be stressful it should be fun and memorable and to do this you should start off by putting together a wedding guide timeline check out http://bit.ly/2gOnUuK    Your wedding guideline will consist of a short list of wedding-related tasks as well as a rough estimate of when the activities should be done. It should presents tips and guides to keep you organized and help you think of all the matters that you must take into consideration in the course of planning for your big day. You can get a free guide by going to http://bit.ly/2gOnUuK  and signing up for your free guide. These are just some beginning Stress Free Zone Wedding Helpers. All activities and schedules are up to the couple depending on their priorities because your upcoming wedding or event matters to us!

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Are you nervous about what’s next?
Worried about having the money for your wedding?
Wondering Where Do You Begin?

The Stress Free Zone Wedding Helper http://bit.ly/2gOnUuK 

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At the Time of your Engagement
You must tell your parents the happy news as soon as possible – If your parents are no longer with you still find peace in sharing the news in the way that you find soothing for you. (Always give yourself a moment to breath)

It’s You Day – Your Way – Your Style.  

If you were having an engagement party, it would be good to keep your close friends and relatives in the know as well.

Having an organizer would be the best to have handy http://bit.ly/2gOnUuK  this could mean a plus to helping you keep track of all appointments, payments and other wedding-related activities that you must attend to.
– Now one thing you should think of doing right now is to have your engagement photo taken that you send out for your Save the Date. This would be nice to have as a keepsake of the beginning stages to this wonderful occasion.

Take a look at your Stress Free Zone Wedding Helper http://bit.ly/2gOnUuK  this is where you will begin preparing your months now and 6 to 12 Months getting things in order Before the Big Day

– Did you picked and decide on the wedding date and reserve the venue where the ceremony and reception is to be held?
– Set an appointment with the wedding officiant or whom you see fit for the ceremony?
– Establish a budget for the wedding –  look at your Stress Free Zone Wedding Helper http://bit.ly/2gOnUuK 

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  • bride who’s working paycheck to paycheck
  • single mom bride to be
  • bride who is working 2 jobs
  • bride stressing out over how to have a great wedding
  • bride looking for discounts
  • bride who need a helping hand planning her wedding 
  • bride who have no one and feeling all alone
  • Bride who just need some ME time
  • BRIDES WHO JUST WANT TO BE GORGEOUS on their wedding day
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From accessories to bridal apparel – venues to caterers – flowers, cakes to dj – car rentals to photography and more.  This will definitely make your wedding stress-free with a lifetime of memories.    You can start by  CLICKING HERE TO BEGIN your free service guide


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It’s Your Wedding, Your Day, Your Way, Your Style!

Have fun with the free wedding planning tool that will allow you to see all the things you may need.  

The first mistake you would make is trying to make everyone happy so don’t!

After all, the essence of marriage is in the union not in the celebration. Your family and friends are there to rejoice this wonderful event with you and not to criticize.  Congratulations again on the start to your magical, elegant and stress free wedding.  Don’t forget to enjoy all the great free information at http://bit.ly/2gOnUuK

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